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What are the shipping and delivery charges?

We offer free delivery for all orders over $400 within our shipping area. We have a flat rate of $75 for any order that falls under $400 but are greater than $300. We also offer a UPS shipping option, but this charge depends on how much is being ordered as it has to be weighed beforehand. Please call 508.230.5833 for any questions with shipping.

Do you ship out of state?

Our trucks deliver to the New England areas but we offer a UPS shipping option to every state in the United States.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

If we are delivering your order, we typically follow a schedule (assuming it is a regular business week). For local or Boston based deliveries, you can expect your order within 1-2 days:

Monday: Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts

Tuesday: Eastern New Hampshire, Maine and parts of Massachusetts (Haverhill, Lawrence, Newport)

Wednesday: Areas in and around the Cape in Massachusetts

Thursday: Central and Western New Hampshire and Massachusetts

Friday: Maine, Massachusetts and Eastern New Hampshire

Can I pick up my order?

Yes. Although we are not a retail store, we have a store front located in South Easton, Massachusetts which customers can come if they want to pick up their order.

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