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If you don’t move heavy items often, you may not be familiar with moving straps.  Collin Box offers two kinds of moving straps that can help prevent damage to your possessions and to you! Whether you’re looking for truck straps to secure a large item, or movers straps to move a heavy item safely, Collin Box has you covered!

Secure your load with truck straps

If you’re moving items yourself, tying down your load is especially important.  People want to believe that heavy items can hold themselves in place while in transit. They might stay put, but if a heavy item tips, damage can result. Worse, the item could fall off an open truck, potentially injuring someone else. It can also destabilize your moving truck while it is in motion.

Truck straps help secure heavy items while they’re loaded on a vehicle. They also help prevent the item from shifting, tipping or sliding while in transit. Professional movers don’t let heavy remain unsecured in a moving van or truck, and neither should you.

Collin Box offer two different types of moving straps for securing items in transit: ratchet straps and cam buckle straps.

Our Kinedyne 2″ ratchet straps hold large items securely in place and come in 12′, 16′ and 20′ lengths. They’re rated for 3,000 pounds and can hold large appliances, heavy furniture and even oddly shaped items securely in place.

Ratchet straps can put a lot of pressure on the item they’re securing. While this is good for holding items in place, nothing in the ratchet mechanism prevents it from being over-tightened.

Our 2″ cam buckle moving straps are ideal for lightweight or delicate items that need to be secured.  Unlike the ratchet strap, a cam strap cannot be over-tightened, so it’s good for securing items that could otherwise be crushed by accidental over-tensioning.  These straps come in 12′ and 16′ lengths.

Moving straps can help you lift heavy items safely

In addition to truck straps, Collin Box also carries movers straps. These straps enable two people to move large items like pianos or appliances like refrigerators. Movers straps allow a two-person team to use skeletal strength to safely lift and move large items without risking injury. Collin Box carries 2″ movers straps in 15′, 20′ and 25′ lengths.

Depending on its design, the typical piano can weigh between 200 and 1,200 pounds! Generally, a heavy item like a piano (or a refrigerator) must be kept upright while in motion. To move a piano, the movers must first lift it onto a dolly.  By using movers straps, the team can lift a seemingly impossible amount of weight easily and safely!  Once the piano (or other heavy item) is on the moving dolly, use the straps to fasten the piano (or other heavy item) securely to the wall of the moving truck.

Pianos typically lose their tuning when they’re moved – even just a few feet. Once the piano has arrived at its destination, you’ll want to have it retuned.  

Collin Box offers moving straps and a wide range of moving supplies. Our high-quality straps will secure your possessions safely while they’re in transit. Don’t attempt to move a heavy item without properly securing it!  Contact us at Collin Box at (508) 230-5833 or visit us on the web at to browse our complete line of moving straps and other moving supplies.

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